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Engagement Stories – January 2012

Published on January 1, 2012 . Blog, Engagement Stories, Issue 49

Jessica Gee and Blake Ross

Photo by American Classic Photography

Photo by American Classic Photography

Jessica and Blake first met at a karate class 6 years ago. Blake says he knew he would marry Jessica from the first day. On December 24, 2010, both of their families were celebrating Christmas at his parent’s house. When everyone was finished opening presents, Blake made Jessica the center of attention. He brought out a gift that when Jessica unwrapped, was a locked box. He gave her the key, but she could not unlock the box. Jessica turned to ask Blake for help with the box and found him down on one knee with the ring box open in his hand. He said “Jessica, you make me the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?”

Jessica couldn’t bring herself to speak and started crying and hugging him. Finally her sister spoke up and reminded her that she should answer Blake. She, of course, said yes. The key actually did open the lock box and inside was the extended care plan for the ring. They are set to get married at Friendship Baptist Church in Gladewater Texas on March 10, 2012. They both say they cannot wait.

Shelby Gideon and Kevin Dawson

Photo by Casey Jay Benson Photography

Photo by Casey Jay Benson Photography

On a beautiful Memorial Day weekend in 2010, Shelby Gideon, Kevin Dawson and their friends Bailey and Seth were on a trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a Taylor Swift concert that had been planned for months. The group arrived at the concert early to see the other performers. Shelby, in particular was very excited to hear Swift sing her favorite song, “Love Story.” Shelby frequently sang the song to Kevin particularly focusing on the lyrics “when he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said, marry me Juliet you’ll never have to be alone. I love you and that’s all I really know. I talked to your dad go pick out a white dress. It’s a love story baby, just say yes.”

Shelby secretly hoped that Kevin would one day propose and thought it would be incredible to have him propose at the concert. But she knew they had discussed waiting to get married for a few more years while they finished college and didn’t want a long engagement.

Swift sang song after song and none of them were “Love Story.” Shelby was a little disappointed because she wanted to hear it. The next to last song at the concert was “Love Story!” Everyone was having a great time and Shelby’s favorite part of the song was coming up. She turned to Kevin to sing it to him like she always did and when she turned, Kevin was down on one knee singing the song to her. At the end of the part, he asked Shelby to marry him and of course, she said yes! They are getting married on May 19, 2012.

Morgan Nunnaly and Eric Anderson

Photo by A/K Photography

Photo by A/K Photography

Morgan Nunnally said she hated clichés, “When you know, you know” being one of them. However, now she says how true that cliché is.

The life she had planned and envisioned for herself included dating the man of her dreams for a few years, being engaged for a year ending with a summer wedding. It turns out her plans did not go exactly like she had thought they would. She met Erik in June 2010 and when they get married, they will have known each other for a year and a half.

It wasn’t love at first sight, but it didn’t take long for Morgan to fall for Erik’s confidence, enthusiasm, kind heart, and his ability to pick up the phone and actually call her. Erik proposed on April 3, 2011. The couple had talked about marriage, getting engaged, and had even gone and looked at rings. Morgan waited as patiently as she could, but she was getting a bit antsy by April. The couple had gone to Dallas to see one of Morgan’s favorite artists, Janet Jackson in concert. On their way out of town on Sunday, some of their friends suggested that they have a picnic at the Dallas Arboretum. As soon as they arrived, Morgan began scoping out a place to sit down for their picnic but her friends found something wrong with every spot she chose. The group finally found a spot and started opening up the picnic and the men wandered off. Soon, one of them came back and declared they had found a better picnic area. So, the group packed up and headed to the alleged better picnic area. As Morgan reached the new spot, she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Erik. He was sitting on a bench in a small alcove in the arboretum, elevated by rock steps. Erik had roses on one side of him, and champagne on the other and there were rose petals everywhere! Erik also had the biggest grin on his face.

Morgan’s first reaction was to say “What are you doing up there? Get down! You are making a scene!” It took her a minute to figure out that it was all for her but when she did, she rushed over the steps. Morgan says the next moments felt like they were in slow motion but that nothing was going to stop her from reaching Erik at the top of the stairs. She saw her mom taking pictures and realized that everything had been planned. When she finally reached Erik, he said the most wonderful things, got down on one knee and asked Morgan to marry him.

Morgan said “Uh-huh” and then “Yes!” and then wondered where her dad was. Almost on cue, her dad popped out of the bushes with a goofy hat and a huge grin. Morgan says, “My family was there and my friends were there. It was perfect.”
Her reality turned out to be that she met the man of her dreams, dated him for 9 short months, will be engaged for 9 months and will be having a winter wedding. But Morgan says “When you know, you know.”