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Engagement Stories – March 2012

Published on March 1, 2012 . Blog, Engagement Stories, Issue 50

Areli Enríquez and Alan Josserand

Photo by BlueGarden Photography

Photo by BlueGarden Photography

Areli and Alan went to see the North Carolina Symphony in Raleigh on New Year’s Eve. What a night full of glamour! Opera, classic music… They began walking through the crowds in downtown Raleigh to await the New Year’s Eve celebration countdown. It was getting very crowded and Areli wanted to go all the way up to the Capitol to see all the fireworks happening down the street. When she and Alan reached the middle steps of the Capitol, it was the perfect setting. The crowd around them seemed to vanish as the New Year’s Eve fireworks started and continued.  Alan got on one knee and asked Areli to marry him. There were fireworks all around their silhhouttes, creating a beautiful scene. When Areli said “yes,” people began clapping and there were even tears from some of the ladies in the crowd. Areli says “What a sweet moment! I did not expect a night like that at all! We’re so happy!”