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Flowers for All Seasons

Published on March 1, 2012 . Blog, Issue 50


Deciding which flowers to use in a wedding is important to the overall statement for the big day, but flowers can also be a big expense. Having a little knowledge about which flowers to buy and when to buy them, can help tremendously towards maintaining a wedding budget.


Typical spring weddings are light-hearted and cheerful. Nothing says that more than a bouquet of classic, seasonal flowers like Gerber daises or daffodils.  Both of these flowers are naturally grown in the spring so they will cost less.  Tulips are another flower that peak in the spring and are reasonably priced. There are also over 500 varieties of tulips to choose from which will help creating unique floral arrangements. Hyacinths’ lovely blue color is perfect for spring, and they tend to bring a more traditional feel to a wedding.  These flowers, though old-fashioned, can be mixed to look more modern. They are very affordable if purchased during the spring.
The Calla lily and Lily of the Valley are very popular and also much pricier. The Lily of the Valley has a very short growing season – they only bloom in the months of April and May.  If these are used outside of their season, they would have to be imported. The Calla lily is a late spring flower and is imported from tropical regions. If they are a must have, they could be used as a focal point in the bride’s bouquet as an inexpensive alternative.



More couples marry during the summer than any other time of the year. There are also more outdoor weddings during the summer, something to keep in mind when choosing flowers. Besides price and availability the flowers chosen will need to withstand summer heat.  It is usually a safe bet that the seasonal regional flowers will last in the heat, but if those are not an option, a flower with a waxier petal is another alternative. Some of the most commonly used flowers for this season are the Delphinium, Stock, Iris, Sweet pea, rose, and lily. While the summer is a better season for most types of lilies, they are still more expensive than the other flowers, although they do well in the heat. Roses, a classic choice, will be moderately priced as well.



Fall flowers are some of the most beautiful of the year. Though every season’s flowers have attractive colors, fall flowers have a warm, deep pigment. There are some pastel options, but these are less common. Sunflowers are a wonderful and affordable fall choice, if they are available.  They have become a popular bridal flower, and carrying a single-stem sunflower down the isle is an easy way to combine elegant simplicity and a bright personality. Other options are brown-eyed Susans, Chrysanthemums, Ranunculus, Dahlias, Anemone, and Chinese Lanterns, Chrysanthemums, brown-eyed Susans, and Dahlias are the most inexpensive of these and are very pretty. The Ranuculus is perfect for a romantic feel. They are fairly priced since they are easily grown in the Southern United States.  Chinese Lanterns and Anemone are beautiful accent flowers, but can be very pricey.



This time of year is dominated by Christmas colors. The best-priced accents will be the same used in Christmas decorations, holly, poinsettias, and evergreens.  Winter wedding colors are mostly white, mixed with deep, saturated reds and purples. Roses are good for this season and are grown year-round in greenhouses.  Hydrangeas, Snow Mums, carnations, and Gardenias are also available in the winter. They are also grown in greenhouses and will be more costly than traditional Christmas accents like holly or poinsettias.  Magnolias are a good choice because of the significant contrast between the deep green of the leaves and the spotless white of the petals. Magnolias are also moderately priced. Ranculus, though more common in fall, can also be found in the winter time and come in many colors.  Baby’s- breath can be used as filler for any season, but work especially nice in the winter.