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Shear Beauty – Tips on Hair and Makeup

Published on March 1, 2012 . Blog, Issue 50, Shear Beauty


Expert Advice from the Dynamic Duo of Style and Beauty

Find Your Inner Goddess

Let The Wedded Bliss’s own dynamic duo of style and beauty help tame your tresses, land the perfect updo, and highlight your best features. Stylist Tony Allen and makeup artist Emily Laird tell how.

The Taming of the Do

April showers bring May flowers. The great thing about spring is that everything becomes green and vibrant again. The bad thing about spring is  trying to get married and having the weather cause your hair to frizz, fall or go flat! Before you make that walk down the “I do” aisle, professional stylist Tony Allen addresses some things that may help tame your tresses.

  • “For starters, when a woman is trying on dresses for her big day, it’s important that she bring her camera along to snap photographs,” Tony says. “Once she finds the perfect dress, take even more photos. Then, she must go home and call her hairdresser ASAP!”
  • Make a date with him or her to look at the photos and the veil. As stylists, they need to know where the straps are, what the cut of the dress is, how the back looks and where your veil will don your head before they can help you make any big decisions on your hair style.

Tony offered up other important tips for the bride-to-be:

  • If you’re wanting to color your locks, you’ll need to talk to your stylist about how fast your hair grows and your expectations for the overall look. Set up an appointment a week or two prior to the wedding. It is always nice to have some time in case your color doesn’t turn out the way you are expect it.
  • One week before the wedding, it’s a good idea to get a deep conditioning treatment put on your hair. Also, get your eyebrows waxed and have a facial. Consider a hot stone massage to get you relaxed for the big day ahead!
  • Now for the big kicker: Do not shampoo your hair a couple of days before the wedding. It may sound icky, but this gives your hair time to build up its natural oils. You brides to be may be saying, “Oh my! No, I have to have clean hair!” The truth is, if you want some shine and want to cut down on the frizz, leave your hair dirty. There is always exceptions to the rules — if your hair is fine then you may want it clean so it is not weighed down. When in doubt, consult your hair dresser.

“Do not shampoo your hair a couple of days before the wedding. It may sound icky, but this gives your hair time to build up its natural oils.”

Get into Shape

When you are looking at updos, keep in mind the shape of your face. In order to determine your face shape, you want to get a dry-erase marker and a mirror. First, pull your hair completely back, then get your marker and stand in front of that mirror and trace the outline of your face. Then, compare it to the face shape chart on the adjacent page. Once you have figured out what shape your face is you can start looking at some updos that will best flatter your already beautiful face.


What is my face shape?

  • Long: Your face shape is similar to an oval, but with more length added to the forehead and chin.
  • Rectangle: Your face is slightly more oblong, with a well-defined jaw and hairline.
  • Round: Your face is wider than others, with more emphasis on your cheeks and chin.
  • Square: You have the same chiseled features of a rectangular face, with shorter proportions.
  • Inverted Triangle: Your widest features are at the top of your face, gradually tapering to a narrow chin.
  • Heart: Your face shape is characterized by a wide forehead and a heart-shaped hairline. Your cheeks widen at the temples, but thin out above the chin.
  • Diamond: Your hairline and chin mark the narrowest points of your face, while your cheekbones are the widest. This dramatic contrast in width creates a diamond shape.
  • Triangle: Your narrow forehead widens to a more pronounced jawbone.
  • Oval: The most common face shape. Your facial features are spaced in even proportion.

The Up-Do’s and Up-Don’ts For your Shape

Do Don’t
Long Do try a super-clean tight-to-the-head updo. The tight lid emphasizes the width of a woman’s face. Don’t create height in the top of your head — it will only make your face appear longer. Fringy bangs and face-framing tendrils will also create the unfavorable illusion of length.
Rectangle Do choose a style that frames and breaks the sharp lines around the face. Side bangs look the best. Don’t elongate your face with excessive height in the crown or deep straight back parts.
Round Do opt to add height to your hair in the crown. Give your face the appearance of an oval by adding bangs and leaving some hair around the face. The goal is to make your face appear longer. Don’t keep your hair matted to the top of your head. This will only make your face appear rounder!
Square Do accent your face with long pieces of hair that soften the jaw and draw focus to the eyes. Choose a style with soft sweeping lines that break up the angles of the face. Don’t pull your hair completely off the face. Because square-faced women frequently have strong jaw lines and prominent chins, the eye is immediately drawn to these areas.
Inverted Triangle Do choose an asymmetrically-aligned updo that creates the illusion of added width in the lower portions of the head. Don’t add height to the crown or wear long, full hairstyles that draw attention to the jaw line. Center parts will bring negative attention to the middle of your face and make it appear longer.
Heart Do minimize the width of your forehead by employing a deep side part, and by pulling any bangs to the forehead. Don’t wear an updo that is pulled tight to your head, or plaster your bangs to your forehead. This can emphasize your face shape and make you appear older than you actually are. Who wants that?
Diamond Do add bangs straight across the forehead. This widens the forehead area and slims down the cheeks. Pair your bangs with a ponytail, or for a more formal affair try a neat ballerina bun to show off your killer cheekbones. Don’t part your hair down the middle or add extraneous height in the back of your head; This will only make your face appear longer.
Triangle Do wear side swept bangs and soft tendrils or wisps. These create the illusion of width and height in the forehead while minimizing the width throughout the jaw. Don’t sport a slicked back updo or part your hair straight down the middle. This makes your face appear longer.
Oval Do have fun, wear what you want, and enjoy! Oval faces can wear most any style. Don’t wear too much hair in your face. You want to show off those perfectly proportioned features.

Let It Shine

A woman’s confidence in who she is makes her shine. When applying makeup, professional makeup artist Emily Laird always gets a feel for her client’s personality. “A woman’s personality should shine through the makeup she wears”, says Emily. “Every woman has different features such as, eyes, lips, cheekbones, etc. that give her a unique beauty that is all her own. There are easy techniques to highlight and bring focus to these individual, beautiful God-given characteristics.”

Julia – Makeup


To create Julia’s springtime look, Emily brushed on a peach tone to Julia’s entire eyelid, and continued it all the way up to her brow bone. She then started to layer the darkest color on the outside of her crease, using a brush to blend out. For an extra splash of springtime, Emily added a stroke of gold over the entire lid, and blended outwards. Next, she added purple liner to the bottom lid and black liner to the top lid, but only put it half way down her lash line, in order to keep the open “big” look she was going for. To add a touch of color on Julia’s face, Emily used a peach blush on the apples of the cheeks. To contour the cheekbones, she used a bronzer, starting just underneath her cheek bone, then sweeping it up and outward. Finally, for her lips, Emily applied a beautiful pink rose lip gloss, completing this spring look.

Julia – Hair

To accentuate and show off Julia’s great features, Tony chose a simple pony tail. If your hair is lacking in length, take a tip from the stars. Extensions can quickly take your hair from short to sensational – in no time flat. In fact, the pony tail Julia is sporting was completely made from synthetic hair.

Audrey – Makeup


For Audrey’s eye-popping look, Emily used Radiant Rebecca, a neutral beige copper color, over her entire eye lid. This automatically brought out Audrey’s blue eyes. (Radiant Rebecca is also a good base color to start with, and layer on.) For a real “eye popper”, Emily added forest green on the outside half of Audrey’s lid. Next, she used the same Radiant Rebecca (bare minerals) around the entire rim of her eyes. Emily states, “When I do a more dramatic eye I typically do a neutral lip. For Audrey, I chose a light beige for her lips. Also, to change up the eye shape and make the eyes appear even more open, I applied eyeliner solely to her bottom rim.” To complete the look, Emily contoured some bronzer to her cheekbones and then added pink blush to the apples of her cheeks.

Audrey – Hair

For Audrey’s short and chic hair style, Tony employed the use of a side bang and pin curls, to show off her stunning facial features. “Audrey has amazing eyes and cheek bones that I wanted everyone to see. The wisps of hair at the side point of her cheeks define her jaw line and command attention,” said Tony. This style really demonstrates how short hair can exhibit the same elegance as long hair.

Amanda – Makeup


For this classic look, Emily used Radiant Rebecca as a base on Amanda’s entire lid. She then added a smoky purple in the crease of her eye. Emily says, “Using a brush makes this very easy, as you simply start on the outside above the corner of the eye, follow the crease over, then make sure to blend out till you get the desired result.” Next, Laird applied black liner on top in a cat-eye, just pulling out the ends a little more than normal, into a swoop. To finish this classic look, she applied a sultry red on Amanda’s lips and applied a bronzer to her cheekbones and a pink blush to the apples of her cheeks.

Amanda – Hair

For Amanda, Tony transformed her medium-length hair into a glamorous, 20’s inspired masterpiece. In order to make Amanda’s face really shine, Tony used a side bang, then added finger waves and a hair piece – to complete the look.

About the Stylists

Tony Allen has been in the hair business for over 8 years. During that time, he has worked as a chemical technician for Toni & Guy and acted as salon coordinator and area training leader for J.C. Penney. He currently holds the position of salon manager at a prestigious salon in Lindale, Texas.

Emily Laird has been helping make people look beautiful for over 10 years. She is a licensed esthetician with a passion for makeup. She also specializes in eyebrow shaping, facials, waxing, and skin care. Emily currently works at a distinguished salon in Lindale, Texas.
emily@theweddedbliss.com | 903-882-0609

The Wedded Bliss would like to personally thank Mrs. Debbie VanVactor, owner of The Glitz, for supplying the beautiful Maggie Sottero wedding gown and hair pieces for the photo shoot. We would also like to thank Mrs. Judy Crews of the Gold Awarded Comfort Suites in Lindale for letting us use their immaculate facilities for the shoot.

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