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Engagement Stories – May 2012

Published on May 1, 2012 . Blog, Engagement Stories, Issue 51

Jessica Drew and Justin Hurst


Jessica Drew met Justin Hurst at a college bible study group one night in 2004. Justin was playing pool before the group started and Jessica and girlfriend were walking in the door when her eyes met his. She says, there was an instant connection. She also remembers thinking “he’s really cute!” As the night went on, eye contact was made more than a few times and smiles were exchanged. Jessica and Justin soon started talking and running into each other at the usual Wednesday night bible study and before long they were dating. They stayed together for almost a year and ended the relationship as friends. Justin moved to Dallas and Jessica stayed in Tyler to become a paralegal.

Jessica ran into Justin’s dad all the time in Tyler and they would visit about how things were going, family, friends, and of course how Justin was also doing. Justin’s dad also made sure Jessica knew how difficult it had been on their entire family when the couple broke up. Justin’s dad had even told Jessica that he wished the couple would get back together and that Justin referred to Jessica as, “The One That Got Away!” Jessica says she would just smile and say “Well, things happen for a reason.”

On June 15, 2010, while at work Jessica got a notification that she had a Facebook message. It was from a guy she didn’t know. But after reading it closely, she realized Justin was using his best friend’s Facebook to track her down. Justin left her his phone number and said he really hoped to hear from her. She was in complete shock as she had not talked to or seen Justin in 6 years! The two began talking and making trips back and forth from Dallas to Tyler.

After months of the long phone calls, and “I wish you lived closer conversations,” Justin decided to move back to Tyler. March 9, 2011 he popped the question! It was a typical Friday night and Jessica says she thought they were going to dinner and a movie. They did have dinner, at her favorite restaurant, Wasabi. In the middle of dinner, though, Justin stood up smiled at Jessica, walked around the table and got down on his knee in the middle of the restaurant! With all eyes on them, he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him! Jessica says, “It was one of the best days of my life. My first love was back in my life for good!”

Amanda Lowdermilk and Brian Granberry

Amanda Lowdermilk

It was Christmas Eve and Amanda Lowdermik had been cooking all week in preparation for family coming over to enjoy a bonfire and riding four wheelers.

After dinner, everyone climbed on their four wheelers and took off to ride. She and Brian were riding together. Towards the end of the ride everyone started to go ahead of them and Brian slowed down. Amanda didn’t know what he was doing but finally he stopped under the stars and moon exactly where the couple had sat the first night they met. On this Christmas Eve, they sat and talked for a little while, and the conversation turned to the future. Brian got off the four wheeler and got down on one knee. He told Amanda how much he loved her, that he wanted them to spend their lives together. He wanted Amanda’s children to be his children and her children to be his. Brian wanted them to be a complete family.

Amanda says, she never thought she would be proposed to on a four wheeler but because that’s what she and Brian liked, it was romantic to her because she was with him. She says she knew Brian loved her for “her.” She was wearing sweats, camouflage boots, no makeup, a T-shirt and a Carhart jacket. Essentially, the same outfit she had on when they met.

Amanda says she could see the diamonds from her ring sparkle from the moon light, but she wanted to hurry home so she could take everything in and look at what a beautiful job he had done of picking out her ring. When they returned to the house, everyone already suspected there had been a proposal and were so happy for them. Amanda called her mom first to tell her the news.

Amanda says, “I could not be blessed with a man who loves me more for ME than I am with Brian. He is the most amazing man. I thank God daily for him. He can put up with me and deal with me in the gentlest way, and in ways that no one else ever took the time to know me. We just work well together. I cannot wait for us to be a complete family!”