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Engagement Stories – July 2012

Published on July 1, 2012 . Blog, Engagement Stories, Issue 52

Carmyn Wingrove and Frankie Himes


Carmyn Wingrove and Frankie Himes’ anniversary is on New Years Eve, so when Frankie asked Carmyn if she wanted to go to Shreveport for their three year anniversary, she agreed! New Years Eve on the Boardwalk or at the boats celebrating their anniversary sounded great! Carmyn, her dad and Frankie had always talked about waiting until after she graduated to discuss marriage and since she still had a year left,  it was the last thing on her mind. She did notice the whole way to Shreveport that Frankie was extremely quiet, and Carmyn kept asking “Are you sure you’re not upset or something?”

The couple dropped their luggage off at the hotel and proceeded to a park down by the river where there were suppose to be roses in lights. (Carmyn found out later this was where Frankie was planning to propose. He was really mad that the roses were not lit up and Carmyn kept asking what the big deal was!)

Finally the two headed to the boardwalk, and surprisingly, the boardwalk was closed…on New Years Eve! They had planned to eat at Saltgrass Steakhouse, which had also closed early, so instead they settled for Joe’s Crab Shack. By this time Frankie was in a better mood but Carmyn still couldn’t figure out why he was mad about the unlit roses. After dinner, they arrived at the El Dorado Casino and had to park at the very top as parking was difficult with the packed holiday crowd. Carmyn went to take a picture of the skyline and noticed Frankie was taking forever to come around the side of the truck. He told her he had to re-tuck his shirt in (he was actually getting the ring ready). Just as they were about to walk in to where the slot machines were, Frankie said, “I’m so nervous.” Carmyn turned around to say, “It’s just gambling,” and it was then she saw the ring box. She started crying before Frankie said a word. But then he proceeded with his speech that was unbelievably sweet and then dropped to his knee, with strangers everywhere stopping to look, and said, “Will you marry me?”  Carmyn said she thinks it took a few seconds for it to register and then she suddenly screamed, “Yes, of course!” Congratulations were coming from the people watching on the left and right. Carmyn then found out what Frankie’s  original plans had been and how it had all fallen through, but she says the way he did it ask was absolutely perfect. Frankie had asked Carmyn’s dad, mom, and brother for permission the week before!  She says, “It was the most special moment of my life and something I will never forget! I cannot wait to marry my best friend!”

Kristen Lewis and Stephen Kimbro

Photography by Dena

Photography by Dena

It was on Black Friday morning and Kristen Lewis and Stephen Kimbro were at the mall shopping. She was headed into Bath and Body works and Stephen said he was going to Bealls.

She finished her shopping and went into Bealls to look for him.  Surprised, she couldn’t find him. She called his cell phone and could not reach him. She was sure he was still inside the mall but could not find him anywhere. She finally spotted him near Gordon’s Jewelers. But when she asked where he’d been, he replied he had been in the restroom. Kristen was actually on her way to Gordon’s Jewelers to find a chain necklace to replace one of hers that had broken that week and Stephen followed her into the store. They finished their shopping and headed to the parking lot. Stephen opened her door and she got into the truck. She says she didn’t notice anything until he climbed into the truck and began filming her with his iPhone.  She realized there was something behind her and she turned around found what appeared to be a ring box.  Kristen was utterly amazed and surprised. Stephen told her to open the box and when she did, she found her engagement ring that she now always refers to as “her Sparkles.”

Kristen says, “Stephen cried and the whole experience made my day, I mean life!”