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Von’s Vice – Makeup Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Published on July 1, 2012 . Blog, Issue 52, Von's Vice

Dear Von,

I’m getting married outdoors this September. Our venue is beautiful but I’m getting worried about how my make up will handle the heat. I’m hot natured and I tend to like a more dramatic look. Is there is anything I can do to keep my make up from melting away?

Maree Raby – New Braunfels, TX

Dear Melting Maree,

Texas heat and a dash of wedding nerves is enough to make anyone sweat. The main idea for lasting make up is to minimize the oil and perspiration of the skin. Here are a few ideas on how to look cool when the heat is on.

Go Green There is no substitute for healthy skin. Your body is creating new cells every minute of every day. Those cells are deriving nutrients from the energy you give them, primarily through the foods you eat. Choose foods that fuel your body with vitamins and antioxidants such as fresh leafy greens, lean proteins, beans and bell peppers. Avoid inflammatory foods such has fatty meats, breads and anything deep fried. Excessive sugar can also ignite your complexion into oil production overdrive!

Skin Set Up Start your wedding day morning with a bentonite clay based mask. This ancient beauty ingredient is usually found in powder form. Bentonite has the unique ability to absorb hydrogen from your cells and allows oxygen to fill the space.  Not only will this mask gently exfoliate your face but it will also draw out the oils in your skin leaving you with a smoother complexion.

Primer Practice The cosmetics industry has been flooded with primers in recent years. With so many options it’s important to determine which primer is best for you. Choose a primer that is oil free. The only way to determine which primer works best with your foundation is to wear it. I recommend applying one primer to the left side of your face and a second primer to the right side of your face. Follow up with the make up regimen you plan to wear to your wedding. At the end of a long day, you should be able to determine which primer gives you better results.

Press the Powder With any artistry, proper tools are essential in creating a masterpiece. Using a cosmetics sponge, press translucent powder on top of your foundation. This will set your look while the sponge absorbs any surface oil. Use this same technique throughout your wedding day to keep your matte complexion.


Keep The Drama On Top Choose an eye make up scheme that will focus color on top of the eye, leaving your bottom lash line clean. Most people’s natural reaction is to whip away moisture from the eye area starting at the tear duct moving towards the outer part of the eye. Keeping the color on top gives you the freedom to wipe away any moisture without smearing your look. You can create the drama with a smokey eye or opt for a more classic look featuring a heavy black winged liner paired with a matte red or a trendy coral mouth. Opt in for artificial lashes to finish off your glam look.


Peace & Lipstick,


WB_vonVon Criswell is a native East Texan originally from Nacogdoches.  After graduating from Baylor University, she focused her sights on the beauty industry.  Von has worked as a Make up Artist, Stylist and an Art Director for print, runway and film.  She later received her Esthetician’s license in pursuit of understanding the functions of the skin as well as total body wellness.  Von and her family now make their home in Tyler where she works as a freelance Make up Artist and consultant.
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