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Engagement Stories – September 2012

Published on September 1, 2012 . Blog, Engagement Stories, Issue 53

Casey Clanahan and Tyler Griffith

Photo by Brandi Burkett Photography

Photo by Brandi Burkett Photography

Casey Clanahan and Tyler Griffith’s families had always known each other since they live in such a small town. They became friends through their sisters and over the years developed a friendship. In 2005 Tyler asked Casey to prom and that is where the love started! They were inseparable all throughout high school and attended prom together each year. After high school, Tyler attended Texas A&M University while Casey went to Nacogdoches to Stephen F. Austin State University. Even though they were miles apart, they would always make time for each other. Tyler and Casey would go to Aggie football games and Rangers’ baseball games. Despite the distance between them, they were able to stay together. After both of them graduated college, Tyler decided he was ready to ask the girl of his dreams to marry him. He planned the proposal for weeks and the couple was scheduled to see each other for Valentine’s Day weekend but an unfortunate event occurred and Tyler was forced to cancel. After several attempts at rescheduling the weekend of March 3 found the couple in Dallas at beautiful Reunion Tower. They watched the sun set and had an amazing dinner. After their meal, Tyler said he had another surprise.

Tyler had pre-arranged to have a Dallas venue rooftop for the night. It overlooked downtown with an amazing view. Casey walked in and found lit candles on each side of the stairwell. They followed the candlelit path up four floors and stepped onto the rooftop. Tyler had brought a duffle bag and when he opened it, he pulled out a bottle of wine and two glasses. After a few minutes, Tyler said the fireworks show was about to start and for Casey to walk over by the balcony. He told her not to turn around until he said so. When he was ready, he told Casey to turn around and when she did, he was on one knee and was asking Casey to marry him. Casey said “of course” she said yes! Tyler had even hired a photographer to capture one of the best moments of their lives. It was an amazing night they will both never forget. Tyler and Casey celebrated their 7 year anniversary in May and Casey says she is more than ready to become Mrs. Tyler Griffith. Their wedding is scheduled for December 1, 2012.

Christina Dulweber and Steven Morris


Christina Dulweber and Steven Morris met while attending college. Steven sweetly helped Christina finish a very difficult paper over an all-night study session at the campus library and the two became a couple.

On August 22, Steven’s 21st birthday, the couple had plans to go to Shreveport to celebrate. The night before, when Steven was dropping Christina off at her car, he asked her to get out of the car and made a special point to hug her, asked her if she trusted him, to which she answered “yes, with her life!” He then instructed her to wear tennis shoes and clothes she didn’t mind getting dirty in and that he would see her at 5:00 am the next day. Christina was excited and puzzled but agreed. The next morning the couple left for Shreveport eating breakfast in the car on the way. Steven asked Christina if she could guess what they were doing and she asked, a hot air balloon ride? When they passed the airport, Christina says her suspicious were confirmed. They took care of the necessary paperwork and watched as the balloon was being blow up. Christina says she was very nervous. But as they lifted off, she quickly realized it was not as scary as they thought and they drifted along in the sky and enjoyed the pretty scenery. Half way through the ride their pilot asked Steven for his camera. Christina figured he knew some cool shots from up in the sky. Steven and Christina were hugging and enjoying the view and she noticed his heart racing. Steven then slipped his hand into his pocket and then asked Christina to turn around and began saying the sweetest things she had ever heard. She then figured out what was going on and when he finished talking he got down on one knee, told her he had something to ask her and pulled out the ring. Christina says she screamed in excitement, and said yes!