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Von’s Vice – Eyelash Extensions

Published on March 1, 2013 . Blog, Issue 56, Von's Vice

Dear Von,

My eyelashes aren’t as long as they used to be and I’m thinking about using artificial lashes on my wedding day. I’ve heard about lash extensions and I’m wondering if they would be a good idea for me instead of wearing strip lashes. What’s so different about the lash extensions and how do I know if I’ll be happy with the look?

Lucy – Tyler, TX

20080212_0161Dear Lucy,

Luscious lashes have never been more in demand. In the last few years, false lashes have made their way from movie sets to the local drug store where anyone can purchase them. When it comes to lash enhancements – options abound! However, when discussing the relationship between adhesives and eyes, educating yourself is a must. There are two main categories of lash enhancements: strips, flares or cluster lashes and semi-permanent lash extensions.

Single use adhesives are the most readily available, affordable option for a longer, fuller lash line. The adhesive is placed onto the strip or cluster before being applied directly to the skin. The lashes are designed to stay in place until you wash your face. This type of adhesive can be purchased at local drug stores and sells for approximately $5. Applying one-time-wear lashes can be tricky, but with practice, they are an easy fix for your wedding day. Any professional artist can apply them with ease.

Von’s Vice: For a more natural looking strip lash, go over the area where the adhesive meets the skin with a dark, matte shadow after the glue has dried. Shimmer or frost shadows will highlight the glue while a dark matte shadow will disguise the point of contact.

Unlike strip or cluster lashes, lash extensions should be applied by a professional. Lash extensions are individual extensions that are adhered with a semi-permanent glue. Ideally, the extensions are placed onto every viable natural lash about a millimeter away from the skin. Lash extensions take approximately 2-3 hours to apply for first time clients and they are semi-permanent. Prices range from $200-350 for your first set and the lash refills are usually $50-100. The lashes must be maintained or refilled every 1-3 weeks. I tell clients to think of lash maintenance much in the same way you would think of maintaining artificial nails; you can keep the lashes as long as you get them filled.

shutterstock_124025236Lately the term “lash extensions” has become overused and misused. Salons claiming to use semi-permanent glue to adhere clusters or strip lashes directly to your skin are not offering lash extensions, despite their claims to do so. Such practices are dangerous and can cause permanent damage to your lash line. Make sure your lash stylist is certified to do lash extensions & ask to see examples of their work.
There are pros and cons to every lash enhancement option. If you want long lasting lashes that will continue to give you a bountiful lash line throughout your wedding and into your honeymoon, then lash extensions are probably your best option. If you have a chronic eye condition or if your budget is limited, then you may want to opt for strips or cluster lashes. Both styles of lash enhancements are available in various lengths and volumes giving you full control over your level of glamor.

With the help of a skilled make up artist, you should be able to achieve any lash look you want for your big day.

Peace & Lipstick,



WB_vonVon Criswell is a native East Texan originally from Nacogdoches.  After graduating from Baylor University, she focused her sights on the beauty industry.  Von has worked as a Make up Artist, Stylist and an Art Director for print, runway and film.  She later received her Esthetician’s license in pursuit of understanding the functions of the skin as well as total body wellness.  Von and her family now make their home in Tyler where she works as a freelance Make up Artist and consultant.

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