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Vendor Focus – CMB & Tyler Uplights

Published on May 31, 2013 . Blog, Issue 57, Vendor Focus

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When it comes to creating a mood for a reception, brides often focus on the three key ingredients: cakes, flowers and centerpieces. But ask DJ and uplighting specialist Casey Brown of Tyler and he’ll tell you that the right music and hues of light can create the desired reception as easily as any red rose or three-tiered crème cake.

Casey owns CMB Music Productions and Tyler Uplights – two hobbies that turned into businesses that he couldn’t be more proud of. His passion for both projects started at an early age.

“Since I was young, I’ve loved music,” he said. “I was infatuated with drums and played for my church worship team and in school. Music, sound systems, lighting — I was the biggest geek.”

Life ultimately led Casey to take his passions and turn them into businesses that have been thriving in Tyler for many years now. He has worked with hundreds of brides in helping them plan for their big day. For Casey, music and lighting go hand-in-hand.

“I work full-time with CMB and Tyler Uplights. It sounds like two jobs, but it doesn’t really feel that way to me,” he said. “Both services are great for many different types of events.” And weddings may just top his list!

Every bride needs a DJ to play her must-have tracks during her reception. Uplighting, however, may not be as well-known. But rest assured that it is a must for your ceremony and reception.

“… Uplighting lets a bride add the icing on the cake to her reception décor and really make the room look special.”

“Uplighting is the practice of placing a light on the floor at the base of a wall and shining it up,” Casey said. “There are many types of lights that produce many different effects. Uplighting lets a bride add the icing on the cake to her reception décor and really make the room look special. A room with drapes looks great — a room with drapes and some lighting in the right places looks 1000 times better!”

Casey does on-site consultations, and encourages any bride to communicate her desires to him and he will make her dream day a reality.

“Communicate on what you want, why you want it and how you want it. Good communication can keep the biggest blunder from happening,” he said. “Take the time to meet with us as well as your other vendors. You’ll feel better about working with your vendors and have a better wedding day experience with less stress.”

His services are unique and change constantly as new technology in lighting and sound make their way into the industry.

“Our services are always changing, from new lighting effects, new ideas in entertaining, to simply changing the method in how we do things,” he added. “We’re always going to be tweaking our services so that we can offer the best music entertainment and lighting experience possible. As a lighting designer I’ve got to try to constantly come up with something different to show to brides. Lighting is a very visual form. It’s hard to imagine it looking good, until you see it.”

While CMB has been alive and well in Tyler for almost 18 years now, Tyler Uplighting is relatively new (3 years and counting). Casey currently has plans to open a location in Tyler for his uplighting service.

“Once that’s open, I plan on offering small equipment rentals like black lights, spot lights and small sound systems. I may also expand to become a lighting dealer to assist local bands, churches and businesses.”

Casey says his customers ask him to do precisely what he loves. He’s able to help give East Texas brides and grooms wedding days they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

“It’s something different for almost every bride, Casey said. “Like when the bride and groom walk into the reception hall for the first time when everything is in place, I hear a gasp of air followed by something like ‘Oh my gosh, it’s amazing!’ The smiles on the dance floor from friends and family as they celebrate, the tears a father and daughter share on the dance floor during their first dance … it all adds up.”

Casey Brown

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Ask the Expert

Casey Brown, Owner of Tyler Uplights & CMB Music Productions

Q: What are your Top 5 requested songs?

A: Right now group dances are hot. So, in no particular order, “The Wobble,” “The Cupid Shuffle,” “Copperhead Road,” “Yeah” by Usher, and “Party Rock Anthem.” Notice that three of those are group line dances. These days, guests are more comfortable doing things as a group. So don’t be afraid to involve them in the reception more. And try not to put too many line dances on the DO NOT PLAY list.

Q: What’s your favorite love song?

A: I love a lot of music, it’s a given if you’re going to be a DJ. My favorite love song would have to be “All For Love” by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and Sting. It’s a great rock ballad from the 90s. I loved drumming along with it when I was a kid. When I proposed to my wife I knew I wanted it played at our wedding and we in fact used it as our bridal party processional.

Q: Any lighting tips from a pro?

A: All lighting is not the same. Look at photos or videos of lighting from anyone you are considering. For example, in a room with 45-foot ceilings, does the light make it all the way up the wall? Or does it fade out half way? Is the amber a true amber? Or does it have an orange halo around the edge? Is the monogram obviously crooked? Or do you have to pull out a tape measure to see?

Q: What colors do you have in lighting? What kind of mood do they offer?

A: There are a few standard colors that brides use in their wedding and most of the time we try to incorporate one of those colors. Purple, pink, amber, aqua, white, off-white, and blue; and with that there are many different shades of each color that may work for the bride. However you don’t have to limit your choices to the colors of the wedding. Go with what you like, and what looks good.

Best of the Bliss 2 Years Running

Best of the Bliss 2 Years Running

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