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Engagement Stories – May 2013

Published on June 4, 2013 . Blog, Engagement Stories, Issue 57
Photo by Donna Cummings

Photo by Donna Cummings Photography

Emily Kelley and Blake Taylor

Wedding May 18, 2013 | First United Methodist Church in Henderson, Texas

Emily Kelley and Blake Taylor had been dating for a while. In the summer Blake reminded Emily that she needed to take off work because they were attending a November 16 Texas A&M football game. Blake was an Aggie and the couple had been to many games throughout the season, so this was nothing out of the ordinary. Blake told Emily they were going to be flying into College Station, a very quick 30 minute flight.

When the couple arrived at the airport to check in, Blake immediately took her ticket, again not out of the ordinary. She says she tends to lose her ticket between check in and gate arrival! However, the gate they were departing from kept getting changed (or so Blake said) so they arrived at their departing gate just as the plane was boarding.

Emily saw the monitor said Orange County and being from East Texas and being unfamiliar with central Texas, she asked Blake if College Station was in Orange County.

Blake explained to her that College Station is known for “their farming and orange trees” and thus,  named Orange County. Emily says she was not going to argue with someone who had actually lived there and knew more about it,  so she let it go.

The couple finally boarded the plan, left on time and then Emily says she heard the flight attendant come over the speaker and say “You should arrive at your destination in 3 hours.”  She looked at Blake with confusion. He began laughing and said “Happy Anniversary!” So Emily began putting two and two together, realized they were going to Orange County, California but nothing more than that. Three long hours later, they landed, got their rental car and headed to their destination.  (Emily had no clue where that was at this point.) Finally, they arrived in Laguna Beach, California, one of their favorite places, and checked into Emily’s favorite hotel. The first thing Blake wanted to do was head to the beach. So they did, taking their shoes off and walking along the beach enjoying the amazing weather and beautiful view. Emily says, Blake finally gave her a big hug, pulled her close and gave her an amazing speech while pulling out a beautiful ring. He then asked her to be his wife. She says she was 100% shocked and that it was literally the happiest moment of her life.