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Von’s Vice – Dry Skin

Published on March 3, 2014 . Blog, Issue 62, Von's Vice

Dear Von,

My wedding is coming up this March and this frigid winter has made my usually dry skin worse than ever.  When I wear foundation, my face feels better but the texture looks worse.  What can I do on my wedding day to make my skin look normal?

Dear Dry Damsel,

Dry is one of the toughest skin challenges for a make up artist to face. I often tell my clients, I can cover, correct or alter anything as long as it’s hydrated. Dry skin acts like a magnet; attracting excess product and unwanted attention to fine lines and blemishes which are usually the areas you want to camouflage the most.

The trick is to start treating your skin well in advance of your big day so you can focus on all the other fun details of the best day of your life!

Let food be your medicine

Your skin is a unique organ in that it’s formed from the inside out. Aleopathic and homeopathic medicine agree that the most powerful changes you can make in your skin’s appearance begin with your diet. Load up your plate with ‘good fats’ such as omega-3’s found in broiled or baked fish. Power foods such as blueberries, raspberries and avocados are also known for their fabulous facial benefits. Switch your canola and vegetable oils and chemical laden non-stick cooking sprays out for extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.

Von’s Vice: Add a quality fish oil supplement of coconut oil in capsule form to your morning routine to help boost you intake of healthy fats for a more profound moisturizing effect.

Beware of foods that are robbing your skin of hydration. Your most notorious robbers include caffeine, regular and diet sodas and sugary foods.


Exfoliate Before you Hydrate

Even the most expensive, advanced moisturizers available won’t work if you don’t exfoliate first. You are wasting your money if you are packing a hydrator on top of dead skin. I highly recommend a Clarisonic or comparable sonic cleansing device. This technology has come a long way and makes for a fool proof exfoliation. Also, don’t use a cleanser when you wash your face in the morning. Assuming you thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated the previous night, simply rinsing your face with tepid water in the morning should be adequate. Over cleansing can strip your skin or the protective oils and lipids that your dry skin needs to recover.

Von’s Vice: If you have combo skin, be sure not to over-exfoliate your normal or oily zones. Too much stimulation can exacerbate oil production, making your skin conditions more extreme.


Get a Facial

There is no substitute for a custom facial by a quality esthetician. While a recommendation from a friend is always best, you can usually get an idea of how serious a facialist is by how they handle your consultation. Did you fill out a consultation form? Did your facialist ask you detailed questions before beginning your treatment? This is not the time for a ‘feel good’ treatment. You need results! Be candid about your needs and be willing to leave if you sense this may not be the right skin therapist for you. I suggest you schedule your first hydrating facial 6 weeks before your wedding to ensure you don’t have any bad reactions. Followed by a treatment 1 week before as well as 1 day before your wedding.

Peace & Lipstick,

sunglasses_portraitVon Criswell is a freelance make up artist and licensed esthetician. Von has experience in film, print and runway and specializes in special occasion make up. Upon returning to East Texas in 2011, she now focuses on catering to brides.  She also works as an esthetician at a local salon where she gives make up applications, lessons and permanent lash extensions. Be sure to visit her on the web at www.voncriswell.com

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