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Vendor Focus – Boogie Butt Productions

Published on December 16, 2014 . Issue 67, Vendor Focus

by Cassandra Key | Photography by Snaps Photography
Creating a dream-day wedding is something of an art. There’s finding the perfect venue, cake tasting and signature cocktail making, seating arrangements and flower picking. And let’s not forget hours spent underneath a bridal salon spotlight trying on wedding gown after wedding gown. Robin Butt of Boogie Butt Productions knows all about what goes into wedding planning, which is why it’s his goal to make all the entertainment details come together in the most simple and enjoyable fashion. For over 20 years Robin has created custom entertainment packages for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, charitable organizations, store openings, local festivals and parties of all types. He and his team handle everything from photographer and videographer to music, lighting and live entertainment. If there is one thing Robin knows best, it’s putting together a fabulous event!

Boogie Butt Production’s story begins with young Robin Butt growing up with an eclectic, musical family in Austin. Big band, world music and classic rock streamed from the radio and Robin’s musical influence grew. When the family moved from Austin to East Texas, Robin helped out at the local radio station with “Big Al” on Friday and Saturday nights. Years passed and Robin added various endeavors to his resume, including time spent studying under a chef. Then, a business opportunity came his way. He purchased the Caliente Club’s restaurant, but soon found that serving fine steaks didn’t mesh with the club’s atmosphere. Business was slow, but it provided time for Robin to step up to the mic and act as the club’s DJ. When club owner Kenneth Gardner asked Robin to officially assume the DJ duties, he jumped at the chance, shut down the restaurant and committed all his time to music.

“Those were tough nights, not much money, but I wouldn’t take the world for the experience,” Robin says. “From truck drivers to metropolitan visitors, I had to find a music mix and set a welcoming atmosphere.” People started pouring in from all over to listen to the music until the wee hours of the morning (2 a.m.). As popularity grew, Robin started booking little-known acts who went on to become mega-famous artists, including Neal McCoy, the Charley Pride Band, Percy Sledge, and Little Texas.

During his time at the club, local radio stations began approaching Robin about working for them. He started his own radio show on KYYK 98.3 in Palestine and 96X and 107.3 in Tyler. Robin’s big-name artist list grew and he was blessed with the opportunity to work with people like Lynyrd Skynrd and Hank Williams Jr.

Robin’s love for music extended to his family and the entertainment company he’s grown. “The name Boogie Butt came from when my daughter, Christian used to boogie in her crib every time I’d turn my music on.” Daughters Ashley and Emily also play a part in Boogie Butt Productions. Ashley, at age 14, did DJ work for kids’ dances, then local colleges. She now serves as a sergeant in the U.S. Marines. Little Emily (also known as The Divine Miss Em), is 7 years old and helps Mom and Dad with the Card and Party Factory grand openings. Robin notes that she’s now asking for her own business cards. Robin’s wife, Candy, a teacher at the Jacksonville Christian School for the last nine years, now devotes her time to Boogie Butt as well. When asked what his favorite part of the job is, Robin said, “The thing I love the most about my work is the variety of individuals our company has worked with over the years. We’ve entertained and produced for brides, individuals and corporate events across the region and nationwide.”


Boogie Butt can handle everything from lights to production to staging to booking. “When working with our clients, we try to customize rather than present a tired list of options. We work with the couple, the family, the venue and our personnel to create a unique, memorable wedding or event.” That means everything from a 1940’s wedding theme with vintage tunes to a Celtic, bagpipe wedding in a castle. “Working with other incredible vendors, we’ve executed shabby to country chic, an elegant evening and more. You tell us your ideas and we’ll help make it happen!”

Robin has two simple tips for couples looking to hire Boogie Butt Productions as their entertainment expert. First, hire the whole package. “Equipment, experience and coordination will be well planned by Boogie Butt Productions. We’ll synchronize the whole thing, which is where Uncle Howard or your college buddy with the iPad and some speakers might not work as well.”

Second, express yourself. Boogie Butt Productions is all about individuality and creating an entertainment package that is as unique as the couple and their wedding day dreams. “If the first thing a DJ does is hand you their time line or coordination schedule and play list, walk away. Our tip is do not be typical and have yourself hemmed into what somebody did at the last wedding.”

snaps-036_Robin suggests giving him your play list and schedule from start to finish. From there, Robin and his team will set up everything from wireless mics and backup systems to bubbles on the dance floor. And there will always be just the right mix of music–tunes to please everyone from Grandpa to groomsmen.

“Remember, we’re a fully custom entertainment and production company and our five entertainers that have been with us for up to 10 years, trained by us and work specifically for us, want nothing more than to make your special day or event memorable,” says Robin.

If you want dramatic lighting, you’ve got it. A string quartet for a memorable departure, you’ve got it. A green screen photo booth and karaoke lounge? No problem! ”Don’t be afraid to color outside those dreaded lines ‘all the others’ want you to fall between. Dare to ask and dare to be totally yourself. After all, it’s your day and nobody understands that better than us!”


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