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18 Things to do 1 Month Before Your Wedding

Published on January 15, 2018 . Blog

The big day is just around the corner and you’ve checked off most of your to-dos, but there are still a few important items to tick before you can say, “Forever and always.”

Here are 18 things to put on your wedding planning to-do list one month before walking the aisle.

1. Confirm delivery of bridesmaids’ dresses. If your maids already have their dresses, make sure they fit and that everyone has their accessories and any other important items they need for the wedding.

2. Apply for and pick up your marriage license. Rules vary by state. In many states the license is only valid for a set amount of time. Check with your local town hall for requirements and information regarding marriage licenses.

3. Review RSVPs and contact stragglers. Once your RSVP deadline has passed, call or email the guests who haven’t make a commitment. Ask your maid of honor for help reach out if you have a large list of people to contact.

4. Provide a final head count to the venue and caterer. After you’ve contacted the stragglers and have a final head count, send the numbers to your wedding venue and caterer so no one gets left behind.

5. Meet with vendors. Make sure everyone’s on the same page and set for the big day. Confirm times, duties, etc. If you have any last minute requests, now’s the time to communicate them.

6. Finalize the seating chart. If you’ve opted for assigned seating, get to work on your chart at least one week, if not sooner, before the wedding.

7. Print programs, menus, place cards, etc. If you’re going the DIY route on paper products, make sure you have plenty of time to print and prepare. Delegate some of the work load to your bridal party if you’re short on time. Also make sure to proofread everything before printing!

8. Submit shot list to the photographer. Write down a list of must have shots you want your photographer to capture on wedding day.

9. Send playlists to the DJ and/or band. Create a list of songs you want played, as well as important moments (when it happens, what song should play), like the first dance.

10. Update the registry. Need to make a change? Do it one last time the month before wedding day. Most people will wait until the last minute to buy gifts, so it’s safe to say they’ll get the updated version.

11. Have your final dress fitting and pick up your dress. Put the final touches on your gown and pick it up at least two days before wedding day.

12. Write checks due the day of. You definitely don’t want to scramble to do this on the big day. Get organized beforehand so all you have to do is hand out the money.

13. Put vendor tips in envelopes. Ask the maid of honor or best man to distribute them after the wedding.

14. Reconfirm pick up times. Confirm transportation, pick up times, and locations.

15. Do last minute primping. Decide on your hair and makeup style, and book mani, pedi, waxing, massage, etc. appointments.

16. Rehearse the ceremony. Talk to your officiant about important readings/rituals and anything you want said during the ceremony.

17. Practice first dance. Practice makes perfect! Go over the steps with your fiance the day before the wedding to work out any kinks and jitters.

18. Give gifts to the bridal party and parents. Write out thank you cards, wrap gifts, and present them to the important people participating in your big day.

Extra To-dos

If you’re headed to your honeymoon after the wedding make sure you:

1. Confirm honeymoon plans.

2. Make a honeymoon packing list.

3. Pack your bags, passport, etc.