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Layne Callis & Derrick Smith • Engaged 03-18-2017

Published on March 23, 2018 . Blog, Engagement Stories

Layne and Derick met in class at the University of Texas at Tyler in January of 2014. If it hadn’t been for Derick always asking Layne for a piece of paper, they probably wouldn’t have talked. There was only the occasional awkward smile and head nod as they sat down next to each other at the beginning of class.

Fast forward to a year later, another class, another classroom, but this time Derick made a move. He “slid into Layne’s DMs” as they call it these days (a.k.a. he sent her a message on Twitter) asking about her dogs because he had seen her walking them around campus.

From then on, Layne started going to Derick’s baseball games, Derick started taking Layne on dates, and about two months later they decided to take their relationship to the next level and make it official on March 17, 2015.

After two years worth of holidays, birthdays, graduations, job changes, a new puppy, and a lot of love and laughter, Derick proposed on March 18, 2017. “He had been planning our proposal for about 4 months, little to my knowledge,” Layne said. “We had shopped for rings here and there, talked about it, but ultimately it was his plan!”

As their two year anniversary approached, Layne started to get an inkling that something was about to happen. “A girlfriend of mine reached out to me to get our nails done that week, my best friend told me she was going to be in town, Derick’s brother (a talented photographer) texted me to see if he could take photos of us that weekend to build his portfolio, and my sweet Derick ‘went off the grid’ one day for quite a few hours and worried me sick. Come to find out he was meeting with my father to ask his permission to marry me.”

On their anniversary night, Derick took Layne out for a romantic dinner. Halfway through the meal, the couple sitting next to them got engaged, which naturally brought up the conversation about when it would happen for Layne and Derick. “Derick dodged the question by telling me that he still hadn’t talked to my parents, didn’t know for sure what ring I liked, and that he had some other stuff to get in line before we got engaged,” Layne said. “So here I am, thinking I worked myself up for absolutely nothing – I was not getting engaged anytime soon.”

The next day the couple got up to get ready for the photoshoot with Derick’s brother. Everything was normal, they met Layne’s friend for lunch, then went to the Tyler Rose Garden to do the photoshoot. “I giggle looking back now because Derick’s brother, Dailon, at one point during the day said, ‘I can’t wait for y’all to be engaged…whenever that is going to happen!'”

It was about an hour later, during the last photo of the day that Derick got down on one knee and asked Layne the easiest question she had ever answered. “Everything about it was beyond perfect and I did not think the day could get any better until Derick took me to lunch at my favorite spot. Our parents, siblings, cousins, friends (he had my best friends from Dallas and Lubbock drive in), and families were all there waiting to celebrate! Perfect ending to a perfect day!”