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6 Wedding Toast Mistakes to Avoid

Published on April 16, 2018 . Blog

This month’s post goes out to the wedding guests!

Although some couples are forgoing the traditional timeline of family and friend speeches, most still include at least a few from their nearest and dearest. That means if you’re a family member or a part of the bridal/groomsmen party, you’ll most likely be expected to give a brief speech.

Whether you’re comfortable with standing up and talking in front of a crowd or not so comfortable, these tips on giving a wedding speech will give you a head start.

Keep reading for 6 wedding toast mistakes to avoid to ensure you give a heartfelt speech everyone will appreciate.

Mistake #1: Not Preparing

Not having a toast written or not practicing the one you have before wedding day can lead to a sweat fest of fumbling over words and awkward silence. No thanks!

Practice makes perfect, so make sure you have a toast written a few weeks before the big day so you have plenty of time to make corrections and ace the wording/timing.

Mistake #2: Voicing an Opinion 

Don’t believe in marriage? Divorce statistics lurking in the back of your mind? Stop right there! It’s not appropriate to bring up any kind of opinion, whether it’s wedding related or not.

A wedding toast is meant to be positive and uplift the couple. Don’t ruin the good vibes with opinions that darken hopes and dreams.

Mistake #3: Going On and On 

The ideal wedding toast should be around two minutes. Any longer and guests may start zoning out. Any shorter and guests may not know what you’re saying due to nervous rushing (ie: talking too fast). 

Timing is a delicate balance, which is why it is so important to practice your toast several times before the big day.

Mistake #4: Telling Embarrassing Stories and/or Personal Jokes 

No doubt you share some funny memories with the bride or groom. The important thing to ask yourself is, what level of funny are these memories? Will they make the bride blush in awkwardness or the groom want to crawl under the table?

You also need to think about how far removed these memories are from the wedding guests. If the room doesn’t know what you’re talking about, how can they laugh or cry? They’ll likely just stare into space wondering what’s going on.

Mistake #5: Drinking Too Much 

If you’ve been to a wedding you may have witnessed that person. The one who visits the bar a bit more often than everyone else and ends up having his/her own twerking contest. 

Yeah, you don’t want to be that person. Especially when it comes toast time.

It’s okay to have one or two to loosen up a little and calm the nerves (depending on your tolerance). Otherwise, your speech might be memorable, but not in a good way.

The R Rated Speech 

Cursing and dirty jokes may not offend everyone, and they have their place, but a wedding isn’t one of them. Even if the wedding is adult only, not everyone will appreciate your sense of humor.

Keep your toast family friendly so everyone can enjoy it.