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Save-the-Date Info You Need to Know

Published on July 16, 2018 . Blog

If you feel lost when it comes to save-the-date cards, you’re not alone. In fact, the whole act of sending a save-the-date notice is relatively new – we’re talking 21st century new. So it’s no wonder to-be wedded couples are a bit confused about the whole thing. But not to worry. We’re here to help you sort out the what, when, and why of wedding save-the-dates so you’re as prepared as your guests will be when they receive your card in the mail.

Why send a save-the-date card? 

Like with most wedding-related things, sending a save-the-date is optional, but it does have some important functions. First, it’s a great way to give your invited guests a heads up, especially if your wedding date is during a popular time of the year/month, if you’re having a destination wedding, or if you’re planning a wedding that lasts several days (three-day weekend celebrations, for example). By sending a save-the-date, your guests will have ample time to consider their RSVP and be able to make plans, thus increasing the chances they’ll actually be able to attend your event.

When to send a save-the-date? 

Start spreading the good news about six months before the wedding date, eight months if you’re having a destination wedding. Six to eight months gives your potential guests plenty of time to plan, ask for days off, save some cash, book hotel rooms, or whatever they need to do to ensure they’ll be able to attend.

Who receives a save-the-date? 

Only send save-the-dates to those whom you definitely want to attend your wedding. This includes people you may have already asked in person, like your bridesmaids, siblings, etc. Even if they’ve given you the thumbs up, go ahead and mail them a card for reassurance. It’s good etiquette and serves as a handy reminder.

What information is included on a save-the-date? 

It’s okay if you don’t have all of the specifics. A save-the-date only offers the basics:

  • Your and your fiance’s names
  • Wedding date
  • Location (city or town if venue isn’t booked yet)
  • A notice that a formal invitation will follow
  • Link to your wedding website, if applicable

What you shouldn’t include, on the other hand, is an RSVP (save it for the formal invitation) or wedding registry information.

As for who to address the save-the-date to, be as specific as possible. Although the card is more of a casual heads up, it’s important to include the names of your intended guests on the envelope and not just an “and guest.” Doing so clears up any confusion.

Do you have any other save-the-date questions? Let us know and we’ll do our best to answer them!