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Simple Tips to Prepare for a Rainy Day Wedding

Published on December 2, 2018 . Blog

No bride or groom really wants to think about wind and rain on their wedding day, but it’s vital to plan for such situations if you want to guarantee the celebrants keep celebrating. Besides, rain is said to be lucky and can provide the most gorgeous photos! 

As with most things, it’s best to hope for the best and plan for the worst. That way, you don’t have to worry your pretty little head over what might happen and will be able to enjoy your big day no matter what happens.

If you’re wondering how you can plan for a rainy day wedding (especially important for all of you springtime brides!), we’ve got you covered. Read on, write down these tips, and put them into action before you say “I do.”

Talk to your venue about an indoor backup plan. Whether only a part or all of your wedding is taking place outside, it is imperative that you discuss indoor backup plans with your venue. Even if there is no rain, but high winds, you’ll want to gather your skirt and head indoors. Better to be safe than sorry. And speaking of high winds…

Make sure your tent can stand up to the gusts. A tent is another great way to plan for a rainy day wedding, as it gives you the pleasure of a covered outdoor space. But before you book a tent rental company, make sure you discuss which tents are best for inclement weather. Also think about where the tent will be pitched and what you’ll need to stock it with (flooring, space heaters).

Rainy Wedding Day Tips

Photo via Brit + Co

Inform your guests. Send an “in case of rain” card along with your invitations to let guests know about alternative plans. You can also update your wedding website with rain location information. In both the invitations and website info, remind guests to pack an umbrella!

Be practical by providing rainy day comforts. That means stocking a basket or bin with extra umbrellas and bathrooms with towels and hair dryers. You might also want to store a few plastic tarps or sheets to place over chairs before guests arrive. Also, think about where wet rain gear can be stored, where people can wipe off their shoes should there be mud, and if you want to bring a pair of rain boots to slip on for outdoor photos.

Go with the flow. Planning can definitely help ease worry and stress, but just know that some things are out of your control. When things do not go as planned, it’s best to roll with the punches, remain flexible, and find joy in every situation. You’re getting married to the love of your life, after all, and that’s something to be happy about rain or shine!