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6 Quick Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect Wedding Venue

Published on December 18, 2018 . Blog, Uncategorized

Whenever it comes to wedding planning and choosing the perfect anything (flowers, cakes, dresses, oh my!), overwhelm can take over quicker than you probably said yes to the ring. With so many beautiful options available, sometimes at the click of a fingertip, it’s hard to choose the best one, the one you know will fit your style, theme, and vibe.

This is equally true when searching for wedding venues. Whether you’re a Northeast Texas bride or live on the opposite side of the country, you’ve probably come across a ton of gorgeous venue options, and they all have a different look and feel.

The hotel is chic, the garden is charming, the barn is rustic.

So which one do you like the most? Which venue represents you and your fiance the best? And how in the wide world do you choose between so many fantastic options?

Here are some 6 tips to help you make that vital decision and choose the wedding venue and theme that suits you better than your favorite red lipstick.

Tip #1: You don’t have to pick a theme. If you’re leaning more toward the barn, but don’t really want a rustic theme, you don’t have to head in that direction. Get creative, mix and match what you love, or go with a general “wedding” theme, which allows the venue space to shine.

Tip #2: Think about the logistics. If you can’t decide based on aesthetics, turn to logistics. Ask practical questions like:

  1. Which one is more accessible (for you and your guests)?
  2. Which one is more comfortable?
  3. Which one is better for your budget?

Tip #3: Are there any rules? If candles are on your must-have wedding decor list, but one of the venues you’re looking at doesn’t allow them, you can go ahead and check that place off the list.

Tip #4: Which venue is more photogenic? If wedding photos are important to you, you might want to consider which venue will give you better photo opportunities. Also, if you’re on a tight schedule, will the site allow time for all the photos you want?

Tip #5: Consider your wedding-day schedule. Let’s say one of your top venue choices is only available for five hours? Is that enough time for a ceremony, dinner, reception, dancing, etc.? Can they give you more time on a different day (if you’re flexible in that way)? If not, and those elements are essential to you, then you can move on to the next venue choice.

Tip #6: Think vibe instead of theme. Instead of trying to nail down a specific theme to fit your venue or vice versa, think about expressing a vibe/mood/feel: fun and energetic, classic elegance, casual and cute.