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Policies & Procedures


All content published by The Wedded Bliss is under prior copyright by the creator(s) or by the contractual arrangements with their client. No content may be reproduced in any form or publication without the prior authorization of the creator(s) and/or any other person or company who may have copyright ownership.

Exception to this policy may be made for reproduction of material for personal use, i.e. brochures, etc. Cost for this service will be $250.00.

The Wedded Bliss reserves the right to edit any and all submissions as deemed necessary.

Announcements may not contain photographs containing signage, phone numbers, websites, or any type of promotional information as this constitutes advertising.


Advertising contracts will be limited to a minimum of six (6) months. One-time Business Directory listings or advertisements will no longer be permitted.

Signed contracts must be filed with The Wedded Bliss before advertisements will be published. If a signed contract is not received, the ad will NOT run.


Increased magazine size makes it necessary to set deadlines earlier than in the past. To ensure that advertisements are processed and approved in a timely manner, the deadlines will be strictly enforced. The Wedded Bliss recognizes that on occasion, situations beyond customer control will arise and is willing to work with the customer to the extent possible; however, there is no guarantee in this area.

Deadlines for Submissions and Ad Changes
•    January 20 for the March/April issue
•    March 20 for the May/June issue
•    May 20 for the July/August issue
•    July 20 for the September/October issue
•    September 20 for the November/December issue
•    November 20 for the January/February issue


Advertisements may include The Best of the Bliss award logo. No other emblems or awards may appear on advertisements included in the magazine.

Credit to photographers is limited to name of business or photographer’s name only. Photographer logos are strictly prohibited.

Announcements & Advertisements Content

The Wedded Bliss reserves the right to refuse to print any photo or content that is deemed inappropriate. This includes suggestive, provocative, or distasteful photos or language or the glorification of smoking or alcohol consumption.

Announcement Co-ops

Co-op rules are as follows:

  • For a business to be included in the text and co-op area of an announcement, they must have an advertisement, subject to the terms previously stated.
  • A new form has been created to facilitate the gathering of co-op information (form attached). This form includes space for each participating business’s name, address, and the dollar amount they plan to contribute to the announcement. If this information is not received prior to the magazine going to press, the entire cost of the announcement will be billed to the photographer, business, or individual placing the announcement, and collection will become their responsibility.
  • Photographer logos are not allowed on any photos used in bridal announcements or ads. To credit the photographer, the photographer’s name or business name will be placed on the photo by The Wedded Bliss graphic artist. Even if the photographer is co-oping the bridal announcement, no logo is permissible.
  • The Wedded Bliss editor reserves the right to make exceptions and/or changes to these policies and procedures at any time.

Customer Communication

Due to an increased customer base and magazine size, The Wedded Bliss will no longer be able to continue calling, emailing, etc., to remind advertisers and photographers of deadlines, delivery of photographs/content, approval, etc. It will be the customer’s responsibility to provide these items by set deadlines and to contact The Wedded Bliss if unable to do so.

The Wedded Bliss is encouraging the use of our web site for upload and delivery of photographs and content. A memo area for any and all pertinent information is included on the upload site. Regardless of the delivery method, we ask that the customer CALL The Wedded Bliss after uploading or emailing ad/announcement content to ensure that it was received. A call at deadline stating that an item was sent weeks ago will not suffice.

We request that all email communications be sent to your personal salesperson’s email address and to Sandra@theweddedbliss.com.

Proofs will be sent with a response deadline. It is imperative that customers adhere to this date to ensure that ads/announcements are correct. It is also imperative that customers check all spelling, addresses, phone numbers, etc., not just the overall look and pictures, for errors. After customer approval, The Wedded Bliss is NOT responsible for these errors. Once approved, the information is considered correct, and The Wedded Bliss is not responsible for errors.


Special placement will be available for an additional fee of $100.00 per issue.

Ad changes submitted after deadline may be levied a fee of $50.00.

Contract Cancellation Policy

  1. If an advertiser chooses to cancel their legally binding advertising contract, a request to cancel said contract must be written and mailed to The Wedded Bliss 15 days prior to the current advertising deadline.
  2. Upon cancellation of the advertising contract, the advertiser will be responsible for the balance of the contract plus a cancellation charge of 20% of the contracted balance.
  3. If a bridal announcement contract has been signed and submitted to The Wedded Bliss for an upcoming issue, the contracted person is liable for the full cost of the announcement even if the announcement fails to be published due to missed deadline or contracted person’s decision to not run said announcement.

Social Media Policies

  1. The Editor-in-Chief of The Wedded Bliss Magazine monitors and moderates any social networks The Wedded Bliss forms.
  2. All current advertisers with The Wedded Bliss Magazine are allowed to make posts to any social networks The Wedded Bliss forms. The Wedded Bliss encourages current advertisers to post information about their business that they think readers of The Wedded Bliss would benefit from.
  3. Advertiser participation in any social networks formed by The Wedded Bliss must follow the same decorum, language, and respect as published in The Wedded Bliss Magazine. No advertiser will post disparaging remarks about The Wedded Bliss or any advertiser associated with The Wedded Bliss. All posts will be respectful to The Wedded Bliss and other advertisers and will not publish falsehoods or defame someone’s reputation.
  4. For any posted remarks that do not meet these standards, The Wedded Bliss reserves the right to edit or remove them. The Editor-in-Chief will serve as the moderator and is empowered to either remove the offending person/advertiser and the content he/she has created, or, if it is a mistake, ask the person/advertiser to leave the network or remove the offensive material.