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La Bella Blooms

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About La Bella Blooms

At La Bella Blooms we understand the importance of every detail in the creation of your dream wedding. All of our creative focus is on specializing in weddings. We will work with you to create floral designs that reflect your personal bridal style to make for an unforgettable wedding. Every single detail , large or small, truly makes a difference. Your dream and vision is what we will strive to perfect. We always say to brides, bring your ideas in and we will bring our designs in and we will weave it together to create your own wonderful and unique design. Come along on a creative journey with us. We promise to honor your dreams and take the best of care of you along the way!

On a personal note, I want you to know that La Bella Blooms is not just a job for me. It is my passion in life!! I love it! There’s a quote that always bring a smile to my face:

” I must have flowers always and always.”
~Ashlee Walters

Thank you for taking the time to read all About Us! Since you did, here’s a gift from us! Mention this page at your initial design meeting and we’ll make you a complimentary Toss Bouquet.

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